European Law Enforcement Organisation

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Noun1.European Law Enforcement Organisation - police organization for the European UnionEuropean Law Enforcement Organisation - police organization for the European Union; aims to improve effectiveness and cooperation among European police forces
constabulary, police, police force, law - the force of policemen and officers; "the law came looking for him"
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"In my opinion, Europeans should at least be able to read the data" via Europol (the European law enforcement organisation), stated Hennis-Plasschaert.
And Europol, the European law enforcement organisation aimed at preventing and combating terrorism, drug trafficking and other serious forms of international organised crime, is running operations on border crossings and at ports.
Europol is the European Law Enforcement Organisation which aims to improve the effectiveness and co-operation of member states in preventing and combating terrorism, unlawful drug trafficking and other forms of serious international organized crime.

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