European Monetary Union

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European Monetary Union

(Currencies) the agreement between members of the European Union to establish a common currency. The current participating members are Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Abbreviation: EMU
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Eu′ropean Mon′etary Un`ion

an agreement by which most countries of W Europe pooled currency reserves in order to trade their currencies at a fixed rate in preparation for the introduction of the euro on January 1, 1999: signed by Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.
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Europäische Währungsunion
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As the largest economy in the European Monetary Union (EMU), it has considerable sway in its decisions, but Germany's role is limited by its populace being impatient with the spending generosity of the Greek government in contrast to the austerity of (the somewhat richer) German government.
He said: "The very nature of the EU, and of this country's relationship with it, has fundamentally changed after the European monetary union and the creation of the eurozone, of which - quite rightly - we are not a part."
Making the European Monetary Union; the role of the Committee of Central Bank Governors and the origins of the European Central Bank.
The CoR asks to be consulted on the Commission's blueprint for a comprehensive European monetary union and commits to analyse in detail the local and regional dimension of banking union.
He was visiting professor at Stanford University in 1990 and has published widely, in both professional journals and more popular media, on European unemployment, on European Monetary Union, and on macroeconomics generally.
Summary: The idea of a joint GCC currency now looks even more fraught amid the disastrous backdrop of the European Monetary Union, but all is not lost.
Tory Lord Lawson told the House of Lords: "There is a heavy cost in the course that I am suggesting, but the European monetary union is a doomsday machine.
The Region asked "does history have any lessons for the planners of a European monetary union?" Schwartz answered that the "planners of a European monetary union would be well advised to study the reasons the pre-World War I gold standard was a successful monetary regime, why the Genoa Economic Conference of 1922 and the London Economic Conference of 1933 failed, why the interwar gold standards collapsed, why Bretton Woods did not survive inflation in the center country (USA), and why the exchange rate mechanism has been on the ropes since 1992.
He also commented that recent proposals from countries such as China and Brazil to join the rescue efforts were not good for the European monetary union.
Although the direct trade and financial exposure of these economies to the debts of the over-indebted countries of the Euro-zone is limited, the escalation of the debt crisis and the problems in the financial sectors in the key members of the European Monetary Union could check the economic growth of these countries, bearing in mind their close financial and economic ties, the Fund says.
Criticising the EU for its lack of centralised fiscal policy and a common budget, Polish central bank governor, Marek Belka, said, 'The European Monetary Union is an ambitious but unfinished project.
The long-standing critic of European monetary union said he "hoped" the euro would survive but added: "Who knows?" His comments came as talks continued about the possible need to bail out debt-ridden Ireland.

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