European Recovery Program

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Noun1.European Recovery Program - a United States program of economic aid for the reconstruction of Europe (1948-1952); named after George Marshall
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This distinctive and novel peace system was essentially founded through the European Recovery Program and the North Atlantic Alliance --that came to incorporate the states of Western Europe and West Germany.
"The European recovery program represents a spending level of 3.4 to 4.0 percent of GDP," he said.
During the 1945-1949 period, the US was aware that some of the money it contributed to the European Recovery Program was being used to support French involvement in Indo China; but the government flatly refused to directly support the effort to reestablish colonial rule.
Marshall launched the European Recovery Program (ERP) in his famous Harvard University speech on 5 June 1947.
Finding the political rhetoric surrounding the discursive concept of "Western civilization" puzzling, given the continuing relevance of the Westphalian principles of sovereignty and international anarchy and neoliberal assertions of a globalized world, Jackson (international relations, School of International Service, American U.) examines the public rhetorical contests over "Western civilization" in the context of the postwar integration of West Germany into the European Recovery Program (the Marshall Plan) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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