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1. often Crusade Any of the military expeditions undertaken by European Christians in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries to recover control of the Holy Land from the Muslims.
2. A holy war undertaken with papal sanction.
3. A concerted effort or vigorous movement for a cause or against an abuse: a crusade for literacy; a crusade against drunk driving.
intr.v. cru·sad·ed, cru·sad·ing, cru·sades
To engage in a crusade.

[French croisade and Spanish cruzada, both ultimately from Latin crux, cruc-, cross.]

cru·sad′er n.
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During the Middle Ages, Christian armies tried to recapture Jerusalem which had been conquered by Muslim Turks. These military expeditions were called crusades. They began before 1100 and ended in the late 1200s
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Built in 1184 by Izz ad-Din Usama bin Munqidh, a general of Saladin, who successfully defeated the European Crusaders in the fight for the Holy Lands in 1187, the Ajlun Castle (Qal'at Ar-Rabad) was built to protect the commutation routes between south Jordan and Syria.
...British mince pies were invented when European crusaders returned home with Middle Eastern recipes in the 13th Century.
The gravesite contains the remains of figures from the early Islamic period and the remains of the followers of Salah Al Deen Al Ayoubi, who liberated Jerusalem from European Crusaders in the 12th century.
Saladin, first Sultan of Egypt who led the Muslim opposition against European Crusaders)
The European Crusaders came and left some of the most impressive castles known, and the Ottoman Empire also made its mark.
The ingredients of mince pies are traceable to the 13th century when returning European Crusaders brought with them Middle Eastern recipes containing meats, fruits and spices.
Undue attention has been paid, Mr Frankopan argues, to the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 because of the prevalence of western MSS in Latin--sources called 'wonderfully juicy' by the author--and because too much attention has been paid to the Pope and western European crusaders by mediaeval chroniclers, almost all of whom were clerics and western Europeans.
He led Muslim and Arab opposition to the Franks and other European Crusaders in the Levant.
In the case of Saddam Hussein, he fashioned himself as a Saladin, a legendary Muslim conqueror of 12th century AD, who drove the European crusaders out of the Middle East.
You could draw a parallel to Israel's position today with that of European Crusaders who built massive forts in the Middle East at places like Acre.
Al-Nasr Li-din Allah (Triumph for the religion of God) was the title of Saladin, the famous Muslim commander who fought against European crusaders in the Levant in the 12th century.
One could write a whole book in response to these familiar rants mostly based on ignorance, hearsay and utter lies shamelessly peddled by European crusaders dressed as historians and scholars for a thousand years now.

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