European magpie

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Noun1.European magpie - a common magpie of EurasiaEuropean magpie - a common magpie of Eurasia    
magpie - long-tailed black-and-white crow that utters a raucous chattering call
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We studied the European magpie or common magpie (Pica pica) because this species is territorial and abundant in both wet and dry areas.
The Australian magpie referred to is a completely different species from our own European magpie,and they have long been renowned as aggressive and potentially dangerous.''
Predators that can prey on newts in this locality are Grass snakes, Eurasian jays (Garrulus glandarius), European magpies (Pica pica), European polecats (Mustela putorius), Beech martens (Martes foina), and European pine martens (Martes martes).

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