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Belief in or support of the economic or political unification of Europe.

Eu′ro·pe′an·ist adj. & n.


the customs, languages, and traditions distinctive of Europeans.
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Europe must abandon the most common and cheering versions of Europeanism, towards a multipolar conception of its "large space" (a definition of Carl Schmitt that Cacciari largely uses in this book), open to a multinational cultural and historical dimension.
Alongside them will be a loud SNP contingent - sincere in its Europeanism, but with other motives - and a small Plaid Cymru group of like minds, although with nothing to play for on the independence front.
Summary: Despite their unequivocal Europeanism, the Irish have been serially mistreated by the European Union.
Schauble perhaps senses this, and is positioning himself for the end of the Merkel era of idealistic Europeanism.
His realism, coupled with his Europeanism, envisioned a peaceful Cyprus, a member of the larger European family, and a state in which all its citizens would enjoy equal rights to life, education, prosperity and security," said Anastasiades.
Some would contend that racialization excelled with the Frenchman Comte Joseph-Arthur de Gobineau and such contending intellectual process helped to lead to not only the notion of European centrality that lends itself to the racialized construction of "the Other" but also the dominating centrality is a vehicle that serves to maintain a bound Europeanism and by extension understanding of civilization that in the nineteenth century had a scholarly tradition of African exclusion.
In contrast, the manifest propensity for developing self-consciousness such as mental Arabicism, Americanism, Europeanism or other isms that apparently are phylogenetically alien to ADPs is not endowed.
In the first case, it will examine factors that have influenced Western Europe systemically including immigration of people of Muslim origin; issues of regional/national security, particularly since 9/11; and a greater sense of a common European identity or Europeanism.
Ernesto Galli della Loggia ventures into the core of the founding documents of Europeanism when it was a "matter of intellectuals of various extraction and some isolated politicians.
On the other, it had to counter forms of Europeanism that supported ever-greater integration, irrespective of the content of that integration and the balance of forces supporting that content.

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