Caucasian race

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Noun1.Caucasian race - a light-skinned race
race - people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock; "some biologists doubt that there are important genetic differences between races of human beings"
Caucasian, White, White person - a member of the Caucasoid race
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However, WC was significantly higher in men than in women (P < 0.05); the mean of WC in men was 104.4 [+ or -] 12.4 cm versus 88.8 [+ or -] 10.4 cm in women, which was compatible with the WHO cutoffs [7] for Europid population (>94 cm in men and >80 cm in women).
The frequency similarity of our results with Brazil could be explained by similar phylogeny of the American population, as reported in findings described in meta-analysis from Europid populations, which suggest that the magnitude of association may vary by ethnic background [8].
Central Obesity--waist circumference > 94 cm for Europid men and > 80 cm for Europid women.
2010 Significant Faerch higher in i-IFG, Matched Europid et al.
Metabolic syndrome was defined as central obesity (waist circumference: Europid male [greater than or equal to] 94 cm, South Asian male [greater than or equal to] 90 cm, female [greater than or equal to]80 cm), plus any two of the following four factors: raised fasting plasma glucose or previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes, raised blood pressure or treatment of previously diagnosed hypertension, raised triglycerides or reduced HDL cholesterol, or specific treatment for these lipid abnormalities [18].
However, data on the differences in hypertension burden between Chinese and Europid adults are lacking.