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n. Offensive Slang
Fashionable, affluent Europeans viewed as leading a shallow or materialistic life.
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He told reporters at Hever Castle that Markle is so much better than all of Prince Harry's ex-girlfriends who are "Eurotrash."
There then followed hours of back and forth between Channel 4 and Rangers, in the club's most prominent interaction with the broadcaster outside of reporter Alex Thomson's liquidation coverage in 2012 and Andy Goram's vault of old Eurotrash episodes from the late '90s.
This first episode focused on our relationship with the French and a high spot was a spirited spat between Murray and former Eurotrash host Antoine De Caunes in Paris' Museum of Inventions over the true pioneer of television.
Melinda, who fronted Channel 4 show Eurotrash, said: "I'm training to be a psychotherapist.
Eurotrash host Antoine de Caunes displayed a collection of wacky European characters on last night's Brexitthemed special but says it is the Brits who are the real eccentrics.
EUROTRASH Channel 4, 9pm For years the delightfully acerbic Antoine de Caunes would greet post-pub revellers with "Hallo my Breetish chums", before introducing us to bizarre European pastimes and individuals, from a man who dressed as a penguin to people who pretended to be horses.
Jean Paul Gaultier and Antoine de Caunes EUROTRASH CHANNEL 4, 9pm THIS utterly bonkers show was the cult, late-night hit that saw the debonair Antoine de Caunes and Jean-Paul Gaultier parade weird and wonderful guests.
EUROTRASH Channel 4, 9pm As the British nation prepares to vote in the EU Referendum, Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier return with a special edition of the cult hit show intent on reminding viewers of the many, varied cultural delights enjoyed by their European cousins.
If you need proof, just take a look at Eurotrash, which returns to British screens this week after a nine year gap.
And on Monday, Antoine de Caunes, former presenter of risque '90s show Eurotrash, travelled to Birmingham to meet Kevin, a man who recently featured in a "Dull Men of Great Britain" guide.
Another described the song, which has a heavy electronic music influence, as "Eurotrash".
Some strange people will still be watching Eurosport at 8pm - Eurotrash may be a more appropriate channel name at this point - for the Opera On Ice gala exhibition from Ontario.