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(ˈyuz dən)
Laurence, 1688–1730, English poet: poet laureate 1718–30.
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I am ashamed to say I used to be a BIGBANG fan," said Jenny Eusden, an English teacher in South Korea.
As they race side by side, Ovid captures wonderfully the moment when Atalanta looks across, and (in the best of all translations, from 1717, by the unjustly forgotten Laurence Eusden), "She sigh'd, and dwelt, and languish'd on his face, / Then with unwilling speed pursu'd the race."
Alan Eusden, chairman and president of Corning Taiwan, pointed out that the glass-substrate market in the third quarter looks upbeat.
(117) It has been argued that the impeachment of Mompesson has been considered 'politically unimportant': John Dykstra Eusden, Puritans, Lawyers, and Politics in Early Seventeenth--Century England (1968) 151.
(51) Among her poems that survive, only one, collected in her last manuscript book (untitled and now referred to as the Wellesley Manuscript), features the poet's intimate identification with a bird, albeit briefly: "To the Right Honourable Frances Countess of Hartford who engaged Mr Eusden...." Finch defines the poet's role as resembling "The soothing sweetness of the natural muse / Whilst free she sings as birds from warbling throats / As large her compass and as wild her notes" (156-58).
Instead, the geochronology of Avalonia and inboard peri-Gondwanan terranes document a Pennsylvanian-Late Permian orogenic event (Eusden and Barreiro 1988; Spear and Harrison 1989; Tucker and Robinson 1990; Dallmeyer and Takasu 1992; Wintsch et al.
Casler, Alison Bonner Eusden, Emily Gullickson, Martin A.
Alan Eusden, Corning's senior vicepresident, said: "It is regrettable that we must consider taking this action, but this is the most viable course given the difficult market environment we are facing.
After a shaky start (Nahum Tate, Lawrence Eusden and William Whitehead are all names who jumped on the charabanc to obscurity) the list of previous laureates makes quite impressive reading: Southey, Wordsworth and Tennyson, Bridges, Masefield and Day Lew is, Betjeman and Hughes have all worn the laurels.
The list of poets laureate (with dates of tenure) follows: John Dryden (1668-89), Thomas Shadwell (1689-92), Nahum Tate (1692-1715), Nicholas Rowe (1715-18), Laurence Eusden (1718-30), Colley Cibber (1730-57), William Whitehead (1757-85), Thomas Warton (1785-90), Henry James Pye (1790-1813), Robert Southey (1813-43), William Wordsworth (1843-50), Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1850-92), Alfred Austin (1896-1913), Robert Bridges (1913-30), John Masefield (1930-67), C.
Ben Jonson 1619-1637 Sir William Davenant 1638-1668 John Dryden 1668-1688 Thomas Shadwell 1688-1692 Nahum Tate 1692-1715 Nicholas Rowe 1715-1718 Laurence Eusden 1718-1730 Colley Cibber 1730-1757 William Whitehead 1757-1785 Thomas Warton 1785-1790 Henry James Pye 1790-1813 Robert Southey 1813-1843 William Wordsworth 1843-1850 Alfred Tennyson 1850-1892 Alfred Austin 1896-1913 Robert Bridges 1913-1930 John Masefield 1930-1967 Cecil Day Lewis 1968-1972 Sir John Betjeman 1972-1984 Ted Hughes 1984-