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n.1.(Eccl. Hist.) A follower of Eusebius, bishop of Cæsarea, who was a friend and protector of Arius.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The Eusebian model informed ideas surrounding emperorship as far as the twelfth century, and can be found in the core ideology of the Alexiad.
Their topics include the Irish tradition in Northumbria after the Synod of Whitby, Northumbrian books in the seventh and eighth centuries, the Eusebian Apparatus in the Lindisfarne Gospels: Aileran's Kanon euangeliorum as a lens for its appreciation, the art of symmetry and the symmetry of art, the Book of Durrow and the Lindisfarne Gospels, and Aldred's Gloss For God and St.
However awkward it is for him to talk about the Islamization of Christian lands, Wilken does finally draw our attention to the elephant in the room, but again, only in the final pages of the "Afterword": "Set against the success of Islam and its staying power, the career of Christianity is marked as much by decline and attrition as it is by growth and triumph." In other words, in the end Wilken tacitly admits that the old Eusebian model for writing Church history is undone if one extends the period of early Christianity to the year 1000 or even, it would seem, 750.
BURGESS, Studies in Eusebian and Post-Eusebian Chronography.
It is in this sense that I refer to Whiston's "Arianism." In fact, Whiston frequently labels himself as "Eusebian." See for example, William Whiston, Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Mr William Whiston Containing, Memoirs of Several of his Friends Also, 2nd ed.
The tendency to privilege the "One unbegotten" by Aetius and Eunomius is "both anticipated by and in line with Eusebian usage" (114).
Eusebian ideas formed the common sense of his and the following era, but one should not set them off too sharply against an Augustinian world order.
Chapter five then reverts to "Patristic Affirmation: The Greek Fathers and the Eusebian Tradition in Christian Rome, Byzantium, and Russia." This chapter begins with a consideration of early Islam but, after a section on Alexandrian thought, largely focuses on the attempt of the Eusebian tradition to fill up the Hobbesian "old empty bottles of Gentilism" (Leviathan, pt.
This usually overlooked item is not in all Eusebian manuscripts and some Syrian ones say it was actually penned by Ananias at Jesus' dictation.
They are full of good things, and I strongly recommend them for students;" Photius confirms this Eusebian bibliography.
In fact, these passages insert themselves seamlessly into the Eusebian scheme of showing Constantine to be an imitator of Moses with all that that entailed: military and political leadership as well as spiritual authority in a role comparable to that of a bishop.
119-133) is based on the Eusebian scheme in which periods of persecution alternate with periods of peace, depending primarily on the emperor.