Eusebius of Caesarea

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Eu·se·bi·us of Cae·sa·re·a

 (yo͞o-sē′bē-əs; sē′zə-rē′ə, sĕs′ə-, sĕz′ə-) ad 260?-340?
Palestinian theologian whose Ecclesiastical History, written in Greek, is a record of the chief events in the Christian Church until the year 324.
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Eu•se′bi•us of Caesare′a

(yuˈsi bi əs)
(Pamphili) A.D. 263?–c340, Christian theologian and historian.
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Noun1.Eusebius of Caesarea - Christian bishop of Caesarea in Palestine; a church historian and a leading early Christian exegete (circa 270-340)
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Bishop Eusibius, the fourth century historian, documented in graphic detail the insensitivity of many Church workers, as well as the avarice of some bishops who, instead of distributing resources to the poor and the needy, amassed large sums for their own use (Stevenson, 1987, pp.