n.1.A purgative.
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In terms of treatment, cryptococcal meningitis IRIS requires evacuatory lumbar punctures and steroids in severe cases; conversely, relapse from cryptococcal meningitis is treated with a full course of antifungal therapy.
(10,17,18) The etiology of ODS is multifactorial; an interaction of anatomical and functional factors that influence the recto-anal evacuatory mechanism.
I'm sure The Niagara Anglican has run many splendid ruminations by Canon Smart of a less evacuatory nature.
Older Draught Bass followers among us, who perhaps now have to rely on prune juice and bran for clockwork regularity, will sadistically recall its evacuatory properties.
(61-62) Later in the same day, during the evacuatory procession, M'Kewn declares to Moncrieff that he was a spy for the Revolutionary cause.