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a.1.Relating to time or duration.
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LKC's patentedRET eval Complete Option includes 30 Hz Flicker ERG using LKC's Sensor Strip Skin Electrodes (patent-pending), as well as ISCEV-compliant 5 and 6 step protocols, custom protocols, flash VEP, photopic negative response, s-cone, real-time pupillometry (patented), the ability to test with or without dilation, and other innovative features unique in a lightweight, handheld device at an accessible price point for clinicians.
Additionally, SV has eval boards for the CPW, Microstrip version, and they are currently working on eval boards for the stripline version.
The company will add 12,000 tons to its annual capacity of 35,000 tons to address the steadily expanding demand for EVAL, particularly in food packaging applications as well as in automobile fuel tanks.
Cornwall is proving popular for investment properties; and, inset, a three- bedroom property currently available in St Eval
Your eval or FITREP has the power to make or break you, especially during a chief or officer selection board.
Analysts and consumers can strengthen the feedback loop to an intelligence collector or reporting unit by using an IIR Eval.
We would also like to contact a Dennis Power at RAF St Eval, mid-1950s, last known address Caerphilly.
In April 2005 an historic ceremony took place, unveiling a granite memorial at the gateway to St Uvelus Church, St Eval.
Next planned reunion Newquay April 2005, we can also supply St Eval ties, caps etc, for further information please phone the membership secretary, Graham 01179 672547.
Home Office immigration authorities had refused Darrel Eval Harris (49) permission to re-enter the country on the grounds that his presence 'was not conducive to the public good'.
The new plant, to be built adjacent to the company's existing Texas plant for Eval resin, will start producing a synthetic rubber in 2002 with an initial annual output of 12,000 tons, to be raised to 25,000 tons in 2005, Wakui said.