Evangelical Alliance

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an alliance for mutual strengthening and common work, comprising Christians of different denominations and countries, organized in Liverpool, England, in 1845.

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The World Evangelical Alliance has 233 evangelical churches in more than 120 countries.
Last night, an Evangelical Alliance spokesman said the organisation's other 91 council leaders were "stunned" and added: "He told us about the relationship.
But BHA Education Campaigner Richy Thompson pointed to the YouGov poll and said that while the Evangelical Alliance's petition may have had more signatures - the BHA's own, which runs until August, so far has around 700 - this was still only 0.1% of the population.
Christians in an Eastern European country threatened legal action because they felt that my description (in a history of the World Evangelical Alliance) of their favorite missionary's preconversion background defamed her.
Sean Mullan, director general of the Evangelical Alliance Ireland, said: "It is offensive because it completely represents him as a sexually promiscuous man who is the antithesis of what the real Jesus was.
Reverend Elfed Godding, national director of Evangelical Alliance Wales, said: "This survey highlights the fact that more people say they are Christians than in other region of the UK."
The Rev Mike Wilson, African Caribbean Evangelical Alliance
One of MICE's most breathtaking creations is a huge, whale-shaped building - called the Pavilion of Hope - for the German YMCA, the WorldVision charity and the German Evangelical Alliance.
* SIR - We have been somewhat surprised at Evangelical Alliance Wales's recent attempt to generate for itself some good press around collective worship, off the back of a British Humanist Association (BHA) petition launched over six months ago ("Bid to ban prayers at school assemblies gets furious response", March 27).
Organized by the Lausanne Movement and World Evangelical Alliance, Cape Town 2010 will provide 4,000 leaders from 200 countries a forum for exploring criticalissues facing the church.
Joel Edwards, of Evangelical Alliance, told the congregation: "King's dream is a partial reality and continued motivation for peace and community cohesion."
'I'm surprised by these figures as marriage is still an important institution in Wales,' said Rev Godding, of the Evangelical Alliance Wales, which represents 80 Cardiff churches.
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