Evangelical Union

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a religious sect founded in Scotland in 1843 by the Rev. James Morison; - called also Morisonians.

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He clashed repeatedly with Mercer Johnston, aide to the Episcopal Bishop, and a prominent member of the Evangelical Union, over the licensing of alcohol at the Manila carnival, not to mention over the lax attitude that Forbes displayed towards cockfighting while Vice Governor-General in 1908.
Joel Munsell's Albany Microscope spoke the free-thinkers' fear of evangelical union between church and state, and their contempt of the clergy.
It continues through the rise of the modern ecumenical movement, touches--perhaps too briefly--on the split between the SCM and the Evangelical Union, and describes the golden days of the ASCM (ca.
Then at the turn of the century, two more unions were organized in America: the Armenian Evangelical Union of Eastern States (1901) and the Armenian Evangelical Union of California (1908).
His commitment to the centrality of regeneration shaped his ecclesiology from local polity to evangelical union. His religious identity was first and foremost 'in broad evangelical dissent.
He presently teaches at the Theological Seminary of the Spanish Baptist Evangelical Union in Madrid.
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