Evariste Galois

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Noun1.Evariste Galois - French mathematician who described the conditions for solving polynomial equations; was killed in a duel at the age of 21 (1811-1832)
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The author points out how Evariste Galois, arguably the most creative mathematician who ever lived, refused to pay serious attention to anything except mathematics.
Neumann (mathematics, Queen's College) provides a page-facing dual language presentation and systematic English translation of the published and unpublished writings of nineteenth-century French mathematician Evariste Galois, best known for his work in abstract algebra that laid the groundwork for Galois theory and group theory.
Einstein: "Why not get some input from two of our youngest members: Evariste Galois and Neils Abel.
The inclusion of various costs, which adds to the initial prices considers the necessity of formalization in the Evariste Galois meaning (Georgescu-Roegen, 1971), in order to be able to observe the change of the comparative advantage, according to Manoilescu (1937) generalized scheme.