Evariste Galois

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Noun1.Evariste Galois - French mathematician who described the conditions for solving polynomial equations; was killed in a duel at the age of 21 (1811-1832)
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Contractor address : rgion Occitanie 8 rue Evariste Galois, CS 635
The author points out how Evariste Galois, arguably the most creative mathematician who ever lived, refused to pay serious attention to anything except mathematics.
Neumann (mathematics, Queen's College) provides a page-facing dual language presentation and systematic English translation of the published and unpublished writings of nineteenth-century French mathematician Evariste Galois, best known for his work in abstract algebra that laid the groundwork for Galois theory and group theory.
Einstein: "Why not get some input from two of our youngest members: Evariste Galois and Neils Abel.
Evariste Galois, Rimbaud de las matematicas del siglo XIX, tuvo que morir a los 20 anos, y Paul Kammerer, coleccionista de casualidades, suicidarse en Viena, para que Dany Saadi yuxtapusiera una deliciosa animacion en Nada es casualidad.