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Noun1.Evelyn Waugh - English author of satirical novels (1903-1966)
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DECLINE AND FALL by Evelyn Waugh, Penguin Classics, PS9.99 I love its casual callousness as disasters rain on hapless Paul Pennyfeather and the sharpness of Waugh's wit.
EVELYN WAUGH's The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold (1957) openly
APUB once frequented by novelist Evelyn Waugh, and which featured in his masterpiece Decline and Fall, will be developed for housing after a High Court ruling.
Between his first two trips to the USA (Spring 1947 and Fall 1948), Evelyn Waugh made a two-week tour of Scandinavia.
EVELYN Waugh died just over fifty years ago, and his reputation remains decidedly undiminished; indeed, the preparation of a scholarly Complete Works to be published in coming years by Oxford University Press will only reinforce it.
Eade's book is subtitled, with some precision, A Life Revisited, for it is Evelyn Waugh's life and only glancingly his work to which Eade devotes his attention.
IF Olympic medals were bestowed for rudeness then Evelyn Waugh would have gone to his grave festooned with them.
Evelyn Waugh is a figure of singular importance in the history of twentieth-century literature.
BORN STEVEN Seagal, US film actor, 1951 ROBERTO Carlos, Brazilian footballer, 1973 SOPHIE Ellis-Bextor, UK singer, 1979, above DIED LITTLE Eva, US pop singer, 2003, above EVELYN Waugh, British writer, 1966 PETER Jones, English actor, 2000
National and Religious Identity in the Work of David Jones, Evelyn Waugh and Muriel Spark
The documentary value of Evelyn Waugh's Sword of Honour trilogy (1) has been widely acknowledged.
Deborah Vivien Cavendish and her siblings moved in the same circles as Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy, Adolf Hitler and Evelyn Waugh and epitomised a privileged and glamorous aristocratic life that no longer exists.