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Ted Morning Bill Sage Rob Francis Bill Dawes Toby Io Tillett Wright Carla Irene Pena Victor Hector Garcia David Mather Lee Stringer Evenhand" revels in the prosaic nature of everyday work and the rigors of public service.
LAHORE -- A former director general of the National Accountability Bureau has rejected some opposition parties' allegations that the ongoing accountability process is not evenhanded or that the anti-graft body is targeting them and sparing the ruling party leaders.
CHARSADDA/Nowshera -- Jamaat-i-Islami chief Senator Sirajul Haq has demanded evenhanded accountability of all big fish, including 438 people whose names are in list of Panama leaks scam.
But I'm old enough to recall that the press has been pretty evenhanded in its editorializing about past administrations, both Republican and Democratic.
EMMERDALE ITV CHAS and Paddy's plight is so heart-breaking that even Cain is attempting to be sensitive and evenhanded. When his half-sister reveals that her baby isn't going to survive and that she's hurt that Paddy is considering organ donation, Cain does his best to support her while also trying to see things from her fiance's point of view.
"We have now adopted a framework for enhanced engagement on governance and corruption that aims for a more systematic, evenhanded, effective and candid engagement with member countries." - AFP
In a keynote speech in Vienna today, Mr Davis will say the UK wants to maintain "close, evenhanded co-operation" with EU regulatory authorities even after it has withdrawn from the bloc.
'I'm not saying that political figures should be immune from prosecution, but I'm saying that the process should be fair and evenhanded - as I believe that the cases against Aquino and his allies now are undergoing a fair and evenhanded due process,' she said during the General Assembly of the Association of Retired Regional Trial Court Judges of the Philippines in Manila.
Al-Sama'ani pointed out that the opening of these specialised courts would positively impact the specialised and evenhanded justice system, whose substance and process were derived from Islamic law and effective regulations.
It would have to be a poem dense with ordinary detail the way the sun, spilling across walnut and balled-up napkins, can pick out cups, plates, the letter from which someone has just read aloud, with evenhanded curiosity, leaving behind a gloss of pleasure.
First, it articulates principles of what it means to be evenhanded. Second, it establishes a mechanism for reporting and assessing specific concerns about lack of evenhandedness in surveillance.