n.1.Ubiquity; omnipresence.
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Basically, and you, the readers, will be witnesses to this, what the Inquirer team introduces now is its tradition of credible, authoritative journalism, in formats that take into account that we live in the digital age, where stories are consumed in the midst of what I call the journalism of interruptions and everywhereness, through a variety of platforms.
Georgi Kay's In My Mind and my own personal favourites Hot Natured & Ali Love - Benediction and the Eric Prydz remix of M83's Midnight City (the music of the Gucci perfume advert) but for sheer hear it everywhereness, Track of the year has to go to the biggest tune of the summer Otto Knows' Million Voices.
The acknowledgment of the everywhereness of God in the logic behind the employment of equivocation--of God occupying placelessness because he is in all places at once--that anticipated and contributed to the succession of space over place that gave way to the scientific revolution also implies a radical understanding of subjectivity.