v. i.1.See Eavesdrop.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Once the keylogger is activated, the attacker can then evesdrop on any communication such as written dialogue, and any passwords and usernames entered.
"Keyloggers have been around for years, but today there are even more devious ways of get access to a user's information which we call man-in-the- middle attacks, where the attacker is trying to place himself in the path of the communication between two different trusted parties, thereby being able to evesdrop all the information," said Nicolai Solling, Director of Technology Services at Help AG.
"After that then the other popular themes are pirate, cowboy and uniform themes and quite a lot of comical outfits sell - for example bananas, whoopie cushions, all kinds of animals." Raunchy and burlesque outfits are also popular, adds John - his partner Berni O'Neill specialises in them from her Redcar shop EvesDrop.
You Know Who campaign which pretends to evesdrop on "private moments" between celebrities.
Will And Grace (C4, 9.30pm) THE flatmates discover that a heating vent allows them to evesdrop on an unfolding real-life drama.
Stock from the EvesDrop shop on Queen's Street, Redcar, was taken during a 4am raid on the premises.
I've worked so hard to get the shop up and running and am determined the break-in isn't going to hold me back - Berni O'Neill, left, owner of EvesDrop Picture by ANDREW GRAY
No-one knows how to dress for the decade better than Berni O'Neill who runs the fancy dress shops Party Pants with her partner John - she's also set to open her own lingerie shop, Evesdrop, in Redcar too.
(apart from your house) My Volkswagen Beetle Convertible - she's called "Eve" (she's named after my lingerie business evesdrop.co.uk) and she's gorgeous.