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In close vicinity to the sacred edifice appeared that important engine of Puritanic authority, the whipping-post--with the soil around it well trodden by the feet of evil doers, who had there been disciplined.
Also, being a magistrate, he had often to punish some idler or evil doer, by ordering him to be set in the stocks or scourged at the whipping-post.
She supports the downtrodden, crushes evil doers, helps others reach their full potential, and plays matchmaker for young lovers.
We can not go on allowing this type of damage to go unpunished and the courts should give a heavy sentence to show that evil doers will be severely punished.
The Individuals and the society have to have a strong moral conscience, deep rooted values, courage, and fearlessness to prevent such evil doers and evil actions.
The world, he said, loves Fleming's reluctant hero as he trots around the globe, disarming evil doers and saving the world.
This is a modern fairy tale, where two girls assisted by fairies and other magical folk fight a world of magical evil doers to protect the kingdom in the hedge.