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 (ĕv′ə-lo͞o′shə-nĭz′əm, ē′və-)
1. A theory of biological evolution, especially that formulated by Charles Darwin.
2. Advocacy of or belief in biological evolution.

ev′o·lu′tion·ist n.


(Biology) a person who believes in a theory of evolution, esp Darwin's theory of the evolution of plant and animal species
(Biology) of or relating to a theory of evolution
ˌevoˈlutionˌism n
ˌevolutionˈistic adj


(ˌɛv əˈlu ʃə nɪst; esp. Brit. ˌi və-)

1. a person who believes in or supports the principles of evolution in biology.
2. a person who supports a policy of gradual growth or development rather than sudden change or expansion.
3. of or pertaining to evolution or evolutionists.
4. believing in or supporting the principles of evolution in biology.
Also, ev`o•lu`tion•is′tic.
ev`o•lu′tion•ism, n.
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Noun1.evolutionist - a person who believes in organic evolution
believer, truster - a supporter who accepts something as true


nEvolutionist(in) m(f)


1. adjevoluzionistico/a
2. nevoluzionista m/f
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If I could live to return to civilization, I should have meat for the clergy and the layman to chew upon for years--and for the evolutionists, too.
Nietzsche as an evolutionist I shall have occasion to define and discuss in the course of these notes (see Notes on Chapter LVI.
Do you know," he said at last, "I've had that same criticism passed on me once before - by a very great man, a scientist and evolutionist, Joseph Le Conte.
Are biblical creationists and Darwinian evolutionists both wrong?
He asserts in one place, "theistic evolutionists get their pantheism honest" (p.
EVOLUTION REVOLUTION: A scientific paper by a UO researcher has gone viral after anti- evolutionists objected to its theme: how life evolved from single-cell pond flotsam to multicellular organism.
Gray said several evolutionists have been "busy trying to bang religion on the head.
While evolutionists use dinosaurs more than anything to promote their world view, especially to young students, our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell the account of history according to the Bible," notes Ken Flam, founder and president of The Creation Museum.
After decades of failing to eradicate biblical creation theories by exclusively teaching the evolution theory in taxpayer-funded government schools, even the staunchest evolutionists knew the latest debate would be unlikely to change any hearts or minds.
Evolutionists don't derive morals from Stone Age biological and cultural adaptations.
Human responses to landscapes can be instinctive, he says: some evolutionists claim we're hardwired to welcome open, expansive views, a reaction rooted in Homo sapiens' survival instinct--open grassland allows us to spot predators.
Lewis's central argument is that dogmatic evolutionists are not scientists but metaphysicians.