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A river of the southeastern Balkan Peninsula flowing about 480 km (300 mi) from western Bulgaria southeast then south between Turkey and Greece to the Aegean Sea.


(Bulgarian maˈritsa)
(Placename) a river in S Europe, rising in S Bulgaria and flowing east into Turkey, then south from Edirne as part of the border between Turkey and Greece to the Aegean. Length: 483 km (300 miles). Turkish name: Meriç Greek name: Évros


(məˈrit sə)

a river in S Europe flowing from S Bulgaria along the border between Greece and Turkey and into the Aegean. 300 mi. (485 km) long.
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The Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS) announced on Friday that the two Greek troops were patrolling the border at a forest area at Kastanies, near Evros river, amid stormy conditions.
The discussions were also executed over the management of the dams in Bulgaria, in an effort to forbid floods in the Evros River during the winter months.
On Greece's northeastern frontier, Angelos reports on the immigrants who made it across the Evros River from Turkey.
Now that the land section of this border is 'sealed', many migrants cross over the Evros River and Aegean Sea using ever-riskier methods of entry and at great risk of death.
In addition, a total of 26 floating barriers will be placed along the Evros River, which is considered the main entry point for illegal immigrants trying to reach the European Union.
Authorities also said Saturday that waters in the river Ardas, a tributary to the Evros river that separates Greece and Turkey, have been rising to dangerous levels.
The number of illegal immigrants entering Greece via the Evros river has exploded again, reaching 100-120 a day.
Situated in the northeast of the country at the geographical frontier between Europe and Asia, most of the border is marked by the Evros River, which forms a natural barrier between Greece and Turkey for more than 200 kilometres before it breaks into a swampy delta and comes out in the Aegean near the port of Alexandroupoli.
5-kilometer stretch of the border along the Evros river.
The most recent incident was the school management's plans to present a play entitled The River, which refers to Evros River on the border between Greece and Turkey.