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 (ēv′lĭn, ĕv′-), John 1620-1706.
English writer whose Diary, published in 1818, is a valuable historical record of his times.


(ˈiːvlɪn; ˈɛv-)
(Biography) John. 1620–1706, English author, noted chiefly for his diary (1640–1706)


(ˈiv lɪn)

John, 1620–1706, English diarist.
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And oo dest agwees wif evy word muzzer says, don't oo, angel-lover?
If we read the relationship between Evy and Vera, the novel's central topic, as an allegory of German reunification, it demonstrates the fragility of the union between the two Germanys, undermines conventional gendered stereotypes of East and West, and casts doubt on the ability of those living in former Communist states to toaster their pasts.
Pinkins (of Broadway's "Caroline, or Change" and "Jelly's Last Jam") has the smarts to steer Evy away from the one-note monster the character might otherwise be.
Evy, who describes his work as a blend of art and design, said Celtic great Larsson was so taken with his work he bought three separate pieces.
Director Evy Blaskey said: "Monetary incentives are great, but their value soon wears off.
With: Trond Espen Seim, Aksel Hennie, Jan Gunnar Roise, Stig Henrik Hoff, Petronella Barker, Evy Kasseth Rosten, Silje Torp Faerevaag.
But the Gingerbread Lady is focused on the plight of Evy Meara, a former nightclub singer popular on the supper-room circuit who also happens to be a lush (Lesley Joseph having the OTT time of her life with the breaks off).
By exploring the Kunstlerinroman (novel of the female artist or writer) as a distinct genre, Evy Varsamopoulou shows how it engages with one of the major discourses of Romantic aesthetics--the sublime.
RIDING CLINIC: International event rider Tim Pearson at Coombe Park stables giving instructions to riders Evy Royal and Rachel Buckman Picture: TONY PARADICE
This summer, Evy Hansen, along with her father, Jim Hansen, and her two daughters, Caitlin and Elizabeth Crispen, were almost afraid to enter the gallery at the Redlin Art Center here.
An hour north and an hour west of Fargo, North Dakota, the kitchen table at Randy and Evy Ressler's farmhouse always has something delicious to fill up five children, three in college this year and two in high school.
who discussed his own blend of Thai seasonings and signed his best-selling cookbook Modern Thai Cuisine; Evy Rappaport, a member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce Board of directors; and Tony Princiotta from the Cheese Store, Guy Azera of Transat Trade Wine and Fred Ohion from Metro Wine Distributors, all of which discussed entertaining with wine and cheese.