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n.1.An office or place of household service where the ewers were formerly kept.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Albany] doth depart to loke veel apon It for my swrte and that he may not com to trobyl me after as my specyal trwst Is In your grace for he porposyth to com agan In to Scotland syr I am swr the dwke hath vryten to your grace how he hath orderd ewery thyng now at hys departyng [...] (15) Pragmatically speaking this letter is highly affiliative while also paying respect to Henry as a superior.
of [8.sup.li] parler ij my la chamber j [?] j mrs herds chamber j the hall i mrs constables chamber i mr denton j of [12.sup.li] [?mr] j wardrop stares ij the hale 4 the players 3 kitchen 4 falk chamber j players in the chamber i dresser j butery seller & pantry iiij (103) Of the Londesborough ewery account for February 1, 1600/01, four pounds of candles are used for the hall; four for the kitchen; four for the buttery, cellar, and pantry; and a total of four for the players, perhaps three to light the performance and one to light their sleeping chamber.