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intr.v. tel·e·com·mut·ed, tel·e·com·mut·ing, tel·e·com·mutes
To work at home using a computer connected to the network of one's employer.

tel′e·com·mut′er n.
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(Computer Science) another name for teleworking
ˈtelecomˌmuter n
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(ˈtɛl ɪ kəˌmyu tɪŋ)

the act or practice of working at home using a computer terminal electronically linked to one's place of employment.
tel′e•com•mut`er, n.
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Noun1.telecommuting - employment at home while communicating with the workplace by phone or fax or modemtelecommuting - employment at home while communicating with the workplace by phone or fax or modem
employment, work - the occupation for which you are paid; "he is looking for employment"; "a lot of people are out of work"
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práce z domova přes počítač
hálózatról dolgozás
práca doma na počítači
bilgisayar ağıyla evden çalışma


[ˈtelɪkəmˌjuːtɪŋ] Nteletrabajo m, trabajo m a distancia
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[ˌtɛlikəˈmjuːtɪŋ] ntélétravail m
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nTelearbeit f
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(ˈtelikəˌmjuːt) verb
to work from home by using a computer terminal that is linked to one's place of employment.
ˈteleˌcommuting noun
ˈtelecommuter noun
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