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n.1.(Zool.) The newt.
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Therefore, with the aim of improving the expansibility of the classic EWT, this paper proposes an effective method based on an improved EWT that introduces a new adaptive spectrum division mechanism to improve the separation performance for time-frequency overlapped signals, and particularly for MFSK.
With the Nano Foudroyante EWT, now in the prototype stage, Greubel Forsey has hit the jackpot.
The BioRoot RCS demonstrated the highest bond strength, followed respectively by AH Plus, EndoSequence BC, Pulp Canal Sealer EWT, and MTA Fillapex.
EWT works with governments and international organisations to foster the systematic change needed to ensure that environments and the services it provides are protected now and for the future generation.
However, some gaps in the design of the EWT must be addressed if it is to become an optimal replacement for HLCs.
Construction was starting to be mobilised with a few excavations on the EWT layout.
In addition, the temperature performance of the horizontal slinky loop field was logged during 2015 by measuring the entering water temperature (EWT) into the heat pumps in degrees Fahrenheit.
Quantis is a leading satellite operator, belonging to the Eurona Wireless Telecom, Business Group Telecom (MAB: EWT), specializing in providing broadband and broadcast services in a global scale.
Firstly, the EWT algorithm is applied to decompose the preprocessed noise signal.
LRTA claimed that it was made to believe that by paying P4.75 million of the basic EWT demand in March 2012, the corresponding interest would be waived by the BIR.
The wind turbine power output for the EWT DW54-900 turbine for actual, fixed, and variable wind speed at 80 m, 100 m, and 120 m heights for each of the four sites is shown in Table 9.
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