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n.1.(Zool.) The newt.
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commissioned EWT with around 10 BP staff and with our contractor working along with us.
The horizontal loop field performance demonstrates that the system only reached its rated full-load EWT at the end of the heating season, and never reached even the part-load loop temperature of 68[degrees]F (20[degrees]C) in the cooling season--not even during periods of peak cooling demand.
75 (the sum of the basic EWT and the 25 percent surcharge), and a 20 percent delinquency interest on the P4.
The wind turbine power output for the EWT DW54-900 turbine for actual, fixed, and variable wind speed at 80 m, 100 m, and 120 m heights for each of the four sites is shown in Table 9.
Here, in the paper authors want to present a geoid computation, which is computed in a similar way to EWT using satellite gravimetric data.
Condensing boiler performance is dominated by the boiler EWT.
Reeve says when they ordered the two EWT turbines, they specified black blades, a request that puzzled the Danish manufacturers.
Provide feedback for the designers to compare the actual temperature of the EWT to the heat pumps with the temperatures predicted in the GHX model, and
EWT is a global designer and manufacturer of gearless wind turbines active in Europe, North America and Asia.
EWT cells also incorporate laser drilled holes, but far more than that of MWT and the holes are doped simultaneously with the front side of the cell, which then enables conductivity from front to back.
The Dutch-built EWT generator is expected to generate two million kWhr and has no gearbox, making it more reliable than conventional units.
From 1976 to 2009, students who did not pass the EWT within their first year of undergraduate studies were required to withdraw from the university.