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Noun1.Exaeretodon - a genus of reptiles of the division Cynodontia
reptile genus - a genus of reptiles
Cynodontia, division Cynodontia - a division of the order Therapsida from the Triassic period comprising small carnivorous tetrapod reptiles often with mammal-like teeth
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Longitudinal turbinal ridges have long been noted on the inner surfaces of the nasal, frontal, and prefrontal bones of many cynodonts [Procynosuchus, Kemp 1979; Thrinaxodon (including "Nythosaurus"), Watson 1913; Fourie 1974; Diademodon, Watson 1913; Brink 1955, 1956; Exaeretodon, Bonaparte 1966; Luangwa, Kemp 1980; Oligokyphus, Kuhne 1956].
Sobre las cavidades cerebral nasal y otras estructuras del craneo de Exaeretodon sp.