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n.1.Luxation; the dislocation of a joint.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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chemotherapy 1 Amputation lower leg Poor A, M, I, E below knee 2 Amputation forefoot Good A, I, P in Chopart joint 3 Resection of talus, Poor A, M, I, P half os naviculare, and distal part of lateral calcaneus inch sinus tarsi; reimplantation of proximal talus: tumor in 1 cm distance 4 En bloc resection Poor A, P, E, HD-I distal part of tibia, fibula and talus 5 Amputation of foot: Poor A, M, I, P exarticulation upper ankle joint 6 Amputation lower leg Poor A, M, P below knee 7 Amputation lower leg Poor A, M, P below knee 8 Amputation lower leg -- n.f.s.
At that, the dotted line denotes the exarticulation of the part of material near the boundary surface, and the size of the representative area side is 10([h.sub.1] + [h.sub.2]), where [h.sub.1] and [h.sub.2] are the thicknesses of the forming of material layers.
Alternate deflighting procedures, such as tenectomy, neurectomy, carpal joint ankylosis, carpal exarticulation, or amputation, may be performed; however, each has certain limitations or risk of postoperative complications.