Abundant number

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runsas luku
numero abbondante
ymnigt tal
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Then the Isosceles classes, asserting that the Specimens were no longer used nor needed, and refusing to pay the customary tribute from the Criminal classes to the service of Education, waxed daily more numerous and more insolent on the strength of their immunity from the old burden which had formerly exercised the twofold wholesome effect of at once taming their brutal nature and thinning their excessive numbers.
The directors also note that the number of existing ordinary shares in issue at 4,110,347,691 is an excessive number for a company of the size of Nostra Terra.
But between January 5 and 28 he made an excessive number of phone calls to her.
He said that the coordination problems occurred due to the excessive number of municipalities in the city.
Some viewers complained online that the ITV drama has dragged on too long while others moaned about the excessive number of adverts.
Meantime, the PIMS administration has taken the stance that due to excessive number of patients the machines at the PIMS hospitals go dysfunctional .
Speaking to the press following a sapling-planting event in the province, Ecercioy-lu said an excessive number of inspectors have visited the municipality.
Further, I would remind him that the difficulties today are not helped by the situation where the Labour Government welcomed in the excessive number of immigrants into our country.
But Van Gaal (above) vowed that while he is manager he won't allow his players to be subjected to an excessive number of pre-season games.
And to hide the excessive number of people living in the apartment, the residents will keep all the window covers closed and the windows shut, effectively preventing moisture from escaping.
How many people share my opinion that there are an excessive number of sports commentators employed on TV to tell us what we can see with our own eyes?
This oppressive scrutiny, often requesting me to alter my opinion, was due to the excessive number of claimants going to appeal.