Exchange visitors

Exchange visitors   
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Saudi Arabia is also employing cultural diplomacy in the US, with 55,000 Saudi students studying in American colleges and universities, along with robust cultural and educational ties through scores of exchange visitors each year.
Individuals approved to participate in the work-and-study-based programs under the EVP, Briones said, are granted Exchange Visitor (J) non-immigrant visa - particularly the J-1 Visa for the exchange visitors and J-2 Visa for spouses and dependents, as applicable.
" The J-1 or exchange visitor visa is issued to research scholars, professors and exchange visitors participating in programs with a cultural component, according to the US Department of State.
For non-immigrants who entered on a student or exchange visitor visa (F, M, or J visa), the DHS has determined there were 1,662,369 students and exchange visitors scheduled to complete their programme in the United States.
The USPCAS-W spokesman informed here on Monday that during their exchange visit of two and half months, the exchange visitors would attend specific courses and work on their research projects in co-supervision of their respective professors.
Tanveer Ahmed Gadhi, Research Associate of USPCAS-W MUET also attended the meeting and advised the exchange visitors for taking necessary precautionary measures for the voyage to USA.
In a sweeping new visa ban issued Sunday, Trump slammed the door on all Iranians from either visiting or emigrating to the United States with the exception of two groups--students and exchange visitors.
In a proclamation issued Sunday night, Trump blocked the issuance of all visas from North Korea and Syria, while for Iran, nearly all visas were blocked except those for students and exchange visitors. Issuance of all immigrant visas and business and tourist visas was suspended from Chad, Libya and Yemen.
We classified authorized visitors into 7 categories (online Technical Appendix Table 1, EID/article/22/3/14-1971-Techapp1.pdf): tourists and business travelers, students and exchange visitors, temporary workers, diplomats and other representatives, persons with any other visa class, persons with unknown visa class, and Canada and Mexico nationals not requiring an entry-exit (I-94) card.
From the Peace Corps Volunteers who live and work in villages and towns throughout Macedonia, to the soldiers and citizens involved in the State Partnership program with Vermont, to the more than 20,000 exchange visitors from Macedonia who have traveled to the United States to teach, study, work, and build personal and professional connections, the true strength of our relationship is to be found in the bonds formed between our people.
There are valid reasons for rules and regulations intended to prevent exchange visitors from completing one program and immediately applying for another.