exchange-traded fund

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ex·change-trad·ed fund

n. Abbr. ETF
An index fund whose shares trade continuously on a securities exchange and allow investors to speculate on the performance of the market or sector represented by the fund's assets without the restrictions of traditional mutual funds.
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First Trust Advisors LP (FTA) on Thursday disclosed monthly distributions for certain exchange-traded funds (ETFs) advised by it.
Drawing on his research into the exchange-traded fund market and volatility trading for his doctoral dissertation in mathematics, Jiang argues that exchange-traded fund prices do not follow random walks, explores some of the factors are that impact their non-random walk behavior, and suggests how to take advantage of such price dynamics in trading exchange-traded funds.
7 February 2014 -- California-based 401(k) retirement service provider Schwab Retirement Plan Services Inc said has become the first major firm to launch a full-service 401(k) program based on exchange-traded funds.
The research provides an overview and market forecast of exchange-traded funds, index mutual funds and indexed separate accounts.
says his sponsor clients are curious about exchange-traded funds (ETFs) -- but not enough to offer them as an investment.
Subsequent sections contain analyses of all exchange-traded funds and other closed-end mutual funds, with graphs and charts, in the areas of investment rating, major ratings factors, fund family and type, inception date, and ticker symbol; the top and bottom funds; the best and worst funds based on performance; and top rated funds by type.
Pioneered on Canada's own TSE in 1990 under the name TIPS 35, exchange-traded funds are enjoying immense popularity around the globe, particularly in the United States.