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An inert substance used as a diluent or vehicle for a drug.

[Latin excipiēns, excipient-, present participle of excipere, to take out, exclude; see except.]


(Pharmacology) a substance, such as sugar or gum, used to prepare a drug or drugs in a form suitable for administration
[C18: from Latin excipiēns excepting, from excipere to except]


(ɪkˈsɪp i ənt)

any pharmacologically inert substance used for combining with a drug for the desired bulk, consistency, etc.
[1745–55; < Latin excipient-, s. of excipiēns, present participle of excipere to receive, absorb, literally, to take out; see except1]


- An inactive substance that serves as the vehicle or medium for a drug; it is also the material or surface that receives the pigments in painting.
See also related terms for pigments.


n excipiente m
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During this process, compounds that suffer from low aqueous solubility need to be paired with excipients that can adequately solubilize them.
The certificate demonstrates that the Colorcon site in Indianapolis manufactures pharmaceutical excipients according to the EXCiPACT Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification standard.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 24, 2017-Budenheim's Chemische Fabrik site receives GMP certificate for phosphate excipients
M2 PHARMA-March 24, 2017-Budenheim's Chemische Fabrik site receives GMP certificate for phosphate excipients
The development of any pharmaceutical form necessitate the complete study of different levels of excipients used in various formulations in order to identify the exact proportion of what maximizes quality and stability of the final product.
com)-- Excipients are a broad range of non-active components combined with active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) during formulation to form a desired finished drug product and perform a wide range of functions.
Cristiane Pacheco has been promoted to new business vice president and has responsibility for the three Chemyunion business units in the US: Cosmeceuticals (active ingredients to skin care), Life Science (pharma excipients and nutritional areas) and Hair and Excipients (hair care and excipients to personal care).
These patent applications describe specialized modifications to physical, chemical and biological attributes of foods to make them become excipients.
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A new report published by Transparency Market Research titled "Oral Solid Dosage Forms and Pharma Excipients Market," said the global oral solid dosage forms market was worth $571 million in 2011 and is projected to climb to $870 million by the end of 2018, growing on average of 6.
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