n.1.One who has been excommunicated.
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I'm referring to the church's founder, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and to its most famous excommunicant, Sonia Johnson.
Bohemond IV was an excommunicant, who fell foul of the Church over the flaying of Hospitallers during a "diabolical rage.
The contradictions of Talleyrand's life--the libertine priest, social-climbing aristocrat, bibliophile who sold his library three times, bishop who equipped a privateer, excommunicant who was given the Last Rites--are so wildly improbable as to make Talleyrand's career vividly colorful.
22) Major excommunication required full social exclusion--Christians were bound to avoid any contact or interaction with an excommunicant.
She intends to be a defiantly cheerful excommunicant.
Laws affecting clerics, foreigners, Jews, outlaws, excommunicants, lepers and women follow.