n.1.See Exsection.
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Tenders are invited for Exection Of Following Works Under Deposit Scheme In The Jurisdiction Of Electricity Distribution Division Garhmukteshwar Is Essential For Providing Electricity To The Consumers As Per Schedule.
This says that the shooting had been an extrajudicial exection, as was shown by the video recorded by B'Tselem rights organization that went viral.
Does the system have flexible integration with existing communication devices and third party applications including enterprise resource planning, manufacturing exection software, etc?
Police are still investigating what was thought to have been a gangland-style exection of two men in a remote field outside Edinburgh last Wednesday.
These were written in letters to wives and parents, almost immediately before expected exection.
Specializing in network integration, management consulting, business strategy exection, business intelligence, software development, and small business services, PLA helps clients plan, develop, manage, implement and support cost-effective business and information technology strategies.
15 In Mm Thick Curve Board Dn And Printed Letter With 1500 Mm Length 50 X50 X5 In Mm Ms Angle Plate For Exection As Per Stand Drawing
Tenders are invited for Turnkey exection for Shifting conversion of 33KV 11KV & LT overhead lines & S/ss for construction of talcher Bimalgarh Rly line under TED Chainpal
Tenders are invited for Exection Of Distribution Works (Labour Component Only) Such As
Tenders are invited for exection of distribution works (labour component only) such as-erection of new 11 kv/lt lines,augmentation of existing ht/lt lines & cables,replacement/augmentation of damage wornout &
The Government says it has already concluded more than a third of the actions in the Plan, during its first year of exection.