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Noun1.death chamber - instrument of execution consisting of a sealed chamber into which poison gas is introduceddeath chamber - instrument of execution consisting of a sealed chamber into which poison gas is introduced; used to kill people or animals
instrument of execution - an instrument designed and used to take the life of a condemned person
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After the decision was final, he was taken into the state's execution chamber in Huntsville and injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital.
Sir Trevor McDonald in the Execution Chamber at Indiana State Prison
Among them is Romell Broom, a convicted murderer who left the execution chamber alive in 2009 after officials could not find a suitable vein.
After the warden left the execution chamber, Ledford Jr.
They were housed in a condemned cell next to the execution chamber for the last three or four days of their lives.
Specifically, they wanted IDOC to pull back the curtain between the execution chamber and the witness gallery so they could observe all that would take place.
The scope of the contract includes the execution of the following works: a) demolition of the existing building; b) construction of a building equipped with a hydrophone Tank Unit with the necessary fittings with land development (access) of the internal installations and connections; c) on the outside of the building: sanitary sewage, storm water drainage and electrical installation; d) starting hydrophone water - staff training; e) execution chamber for the reduction of water hydrophone;3.
On being given a lethal injection Pablo Lucio Vasquez, 38, told his victim's family, who were in the execution chamber on Wednesday night: "This is the only way that I can be forgiven.
According to Cruz, Building 14 used to house Bilibid's execution chamber, where 84 inmates were put to death in the electric chair.
He died in the execution chamber 43 minutes after the injections had begun.
The federal government, involved in a legal challenge to its lethal injection protocol, has not used its execution chamber since 2003.