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Noun1.death chamber - instrument of execution consisting of a sealed chamber into which poison gas is introduceddeath chamber - instrument of execution consisting of a sealed chamber into which poison gas is introduced; used to kill people or animals
instrument of execution - an instrument designed and used to take the life of a condemned person
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DEATH ROW: COUNT DOWN TO EXECUTION STV, 9pm BROADCASTER Susanna Reid is on route to Huntsville in Texas, home to the most active execution chamber in the United States.
Pierrepoint secured the man's arms behind his back with a leather strap, and all five walked through a second door, which led to the execution chamber.
After he was strapped down inside the execution chamber and the officials began administering the fatal doses, he began uttering a long prayer asking for forgiveness from God.
It grants reprieves to the inmates currently on death row, closes the execution chamber at San Quentin prison in northern California and withdraws the state's lethal injection protocol.
Supreme Court in late March delayed the execution of a death-row inmate in Texas on the grounds that he had been denied the right to have a spiritual counselor with him in the execution chamber.
Gavin Newsom recently announced a moratorium for as long as he's in office _ a significant though symbolic gesture, at least for now, given that the federal courts have shut down the execution chamber at San Quentin over legal issues with the state's lethal-injection protocol.
And he's shuttering the new execution chamber at San Quentin State Prison that has never been used.
CaliforniaGovernor Gavin Newsom will impose a moratorium on the state's death penalty on Wednesday, granting reprieves to all 737 inmates on death row and closing the state's execution chamber, an administration source said.
Ray had argued Alabama's execution procedure favours Christian inmates because a Christian chaplain employed by the prison typically remains in the execution chamber during a lethal injection, but the state would not let his Imam be present.
The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) denied Ray's request to have his imam at his execution, saying that only ADOC employees could be present in the execution chamber, the state said in a court document.A prison chaplain employed by the department is allowed to be present at executions but other spiritual advisers must witness executions from a viewing room, according to the state.
Seven men died in the state's execution chamber in both 2016 and 2017, when the state's highest criminal court stayed at least twice as many executions as it did this year.
'The time to execute a death row inmate takes 15 seconds - from death row down to the execution chamber. The cost of execution is RM1,975 and if no family members are there to claim the body, it will costs the government another RM800,' said Liew.