Exhaust purifier

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These blankets are designed for engine exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, heat shields, exhaust piping, flex couplings and bellows, as well as exhaust purifier and silencer systems.
MER Equipment also stocks a selection of used, remanufactured and consignment transmissions and an array of emissions control products such as exhaust purifiers and silencers from Nelson, Fleetguard, Cowl, Space Saver and EM.
The importers of Mercedes-Benz and Chevrolet Camaro passenger cars in Japan said Tuesday they are recalling four models due to failures in engines and exhaust purifiers.
In addition to a planned market expansion across Canada, the company has identified a market need for exhaust purifiers. It produces emission-control purifiers for diesel, liquid propane, gasoline and unleaded gasoline engines.
Riker Products, Inc., the Toledo, Ohio-based manufacturer of exhaust systems and components for the trucking industry and other heavy-duty applications, has developed a new range of catalytic exhaust purifiers for original equipment, retrofit and aftermarket applications.