Dionysius Exiguus

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Dionysius Ex·ig·u·us

 (ĕg-zĭg′yo͞o-əs, ĕk-sĭg′-) ad 500?-560?
Scythian monk and scholar who introduced the method of reckoning the Christian era from the birth of Jesus.

Dionysius Exiguus

(Biography) died ?556 ad, Scythian monk and scholar, who is believed to have introduced the current method of reckoning dates on the basis of the Christian era

Diony′sius Ex•ig′u•us

(ɛgˈzɪg yu əs, ɛkˈsɪg-)
died A.D. 556?, Scythian monk, chronologist, and scholar: devised the current system of reckoning the Christian era.
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Most of the chloroplast sequences grouped within the algal order Bryopsidales; however, some Elysia crispata from both Panama and Curacao had rbcL sequences that grouped with the order Dasycladales, including an identical sequence match to Parvocaulis exiguus (Fig.
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This Easter computus remained an active topic of astronomical research into the 1800s, and consequently the revered "giants" of this field--Theophilus, Cyrillus, Dionysius Exiguus, and Beda--were all assigned craters by Riccioli.
Several Gram-negative bacteria, including Burkholderia (El Banna and WinkelmannEl-Banna et al., 1998; Mendes et al., 2007; Roitman et al., 1990) strains, Corallococcus exiguus, Cystobacter ferrugineus, Myxococcus fulvus (Gerth et al., 1982), Enterobacter agglomerans (Chernin et al., 1996), Pseudomonas (Arima, et al., 1964; Elander et al., 1968; Lively et al., 1966), and the actinomycete Actinosporangium vitaminophilum produced nitro-containing antibiotics with antifungal activity (Arima, et al., 1964; Mendes et al., 2007), and also were active against some Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria (Ezaki et al., 1981, 1983).
The year of Jesus's birth was determined by Dionysius Exiguus, a Scythian monk, abbot of a Roman monastery.
?672/73-735), along with Dionysius Exiguus, taught the West to reckon all events from the Incarnation.
unknown solutus (Fernald & Wiegand) Hamet-Ahti Juncus exiguus (Femald & unknown Wiegand) Lint ex Snogerup & P.F.Zika Juncus fauriei Lev.