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Noun1.exotherm - a compound that gives off heat during its formation and absorbs heat during its decomposition
chemical compound, compound - (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight
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In case studies, heating and cooling processes are documented and typical scenarios, such as the control response during an exotherm, are demonstrated.
Tricalcium silicates are the most reactive, generating high heat of hydration or exotherm.
It's generally assumed that once the temperature reaches the baseline to the left of the recrystallization exotherm, the material has solidified and can be ejected.
Tenders Are Invited For Providing Third Party Inspection Services For Inspection Of Burners Along With Spares At Supplier Works Of M/S Exotherm Corporation, Houston, Usa Against So No 4050 For Two Visits Maximum
As with the data in Figure 6, and the subsequent 1st scan DSC data, differences in how the baselines are drawn impact the numerical values of the resulting tabulated data, especially for the cure exotherm.
For DSC, the heat given off during a reaction was called an exotherm while the heat absorbed by material is called an endotherm.
OH] shows a curing exotherm with a peak located at about 206[degrees]C and with an onset temperature of 123[degrees]C.
Low exotherm while curing permits large encapsulations.
Thus the temperature rise during curing of light activated resin restoratives is related to both polymerisation exotherm of the material and heat output from the light curing unit.
As anticipated both monomers show a typical minimum temperature and curves of exotherm attributed to ring opening polymerization.
They meet ASTM F1216 requirements and reduce the likelihood of stress cracking and shrinkage with a lower exotherm in the enhanced version.