Expansion valve

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(Steam Engine) a cut-off valve, to shut off steam from the cylinder before the end of each stroke.

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A variable-speed compressor, together with an electronic expansion valve, a modulating control valve, and sophisticated controls are said to provide at least 30% to 50% energy-cost reductions.
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The expansion valve used after the condenser expands refrigerant just into the two-phase region.
There are four important parts of a refrigerator: compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator.
The vast majority of SISO controllers use the expansion valve to regulate evaporator superheat.
The thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) has only one function in the system: to meter the proper amount of refrigerant to the evaporator coil by controlling superheat at the bulb location.
An electronic expansion valve further elevates energy savings by efficiently modulating refrigerant flow in the evaporator coils.
An electronic expansion valve plays an important role in a smart chiller that Dometic has been contracted to supply Trinity Yachts.
While the use of the electronic expansion valve allows for energy saving control strategies, the complexity of this subassembly requires a larger bill of materials and extra effort in fabrication when compared to a simple piston expansion device integrated into a check valve.
Retrofit options include EC fan and Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) upgrades which can offer potential 70% and 30% power savings respectively.
The expansion valve is located near the evaporator inlet.
Its inverter air conditioners reduce energy consumption through its proprietary energy-saving technologies and increases performance efficiency using high power DC motors Electronic Digital Control for the compressor and outdoor fan and a pulse linear expansion valve.