Expectation of life

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the mean or average duration of the life individuals after any specified age.

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The family of Rahedi later filed the case seeking damages for loss of dependency and expectation of life. Mrs Rahedi successfully argued that Mr Mbogori negligently fired the bullet from a gun, leading to her husband's death.
They discuss prices, wages, and the cost of living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 1891 to 1930; working-class saving in late 19th-century New Jersey; body heights across the last 2,000 years in England and associations with real wages, inequality, food supply, climate change, and expectation of life; the causes of the financial Panic of 1907 in the US; and regional inequality in Switzerland from 1860 to 2008.
Klopp believes the pressure and expectation of life at Liverpool can make it a tough environment for keepers.
He gave the family Sh100,000 for pain and suffering and Sh200,000 for loss of expectation of life.
The expectation of life at birth is estimated at 80.3 years for men and 84.7 for women.
Indeed, a better way to estimate or project a country's population is through a sophisticated computer software developed by the United Nations which requires four important indicators or inputs: namely; population at a previous time, total fertility rate (TFR); expectation of life at birth (ELB) and age distribution of the population.
The pressure and expectation of life at Anfield proved too much for him.
ADAM LALLANA admits he has struggled to handle the increased expectation of life at Liverpool following a frustrating first season.
When patients are referred to the stomal therapy team, we provide written, aural and visual information to help ensure they have a thorough and realistic expectation of life with a stoma.
This provides an estimate of the delay in the SPA which would give Scottish state pensioners the same expectation of life after the SPA as the average UK state pensioner in 2027.
Reduction in expectation of life: the loss of eyesight, hearing or some other faculty may naturally reduce the quality of life and this is to be compensated by damages.