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He advised my attending certain places in London, for the acquisition of such mere rudiments as I wanted, and my investing him with the functions of explainer and director of all my studies.
The core intelligence of mysimpleshow is its 'Explainer Engine', a sophisticated technological innovation combining semantic analysis, layout, and animation algorithms.
(According to the Holocaust Memorial Center in Michigan, the discriminatory symbology dates back to the 13th century.) WGN-TV Chicago later issued a number of apologies, including one on-air, which was followed by a sort of Yom Kippur explainer set in the north Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview.
Logan >Sibley, 4 with Steven Sibley, Sarah Boulter and Science Explainer for the Mammoth DNA- Helen Man (Below) Children enjoy part of the 'British Science Festival' at Gateshead Library, Mitchel McKee, aged 12 (left) and Luke Hepburn, aged 12 dave charlton
They got the chance to handle real mammoth fossils and the opportunity to try DNA fingerprinting with Science Explainer Helen Man.
He became virtually an all-purpose explainer of and spokesman for the scientific enterprise.
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In the digital world, if you really want to grab your customers attention through a business message whether its through an animated explainer video, a Facebook post, a tv commercial or maybe an ad that appears right before you watch a video on YouTube you have to prove them that you understand them.
Founded in 2009, Virtual Media Group has created explainer videos and websites for clients all across the U.S.
There are various reasons for the trend, as Tablet alum Marc Tracy pointed out in the seminal explainer, Why Eating Chinese Food on Christmas Is a Sacred Tradition for American Jews.
First, the definition of "source" isn't entirely established, but the currently accepted explainer is "the most distant point up the longest tributary in the river's drainage basin," National Geographic said.