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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Goethe's remarks on the Chinese novel and Damrosch's explicatory comments can be taken as saying that in Goethe's view the "universal quality" behind the national and what is peculiar to a nation go hand in hand and that, since the relation of universality to its cultural articulation is insuperable," to borrow terms from Butler, the universal is always "stained by the cultural norms it purports to transcend" (Butler, "Restaging the Universal" 24).
The editors also point to the "largely neglected" editorial work of Vittoria Bradshaw in From Pure Silence to Impure Dialogue (New York: Las Americas, 1971) as "the only recognizable forerunner to The Flies" for not only pairing poetic works with essays, explicatory texts, and statements on poetics, but also in focusing on "research poetry" (14).
The changes made to this edition, which were mostly quite minor, could be described as conservative scribal enhancements or Fortschreibungen to an already fixed, and practically canonical, text: small additions of minor details and even short scenes (which are often literary-critically easily distinguishable from the older base text because of their use of modern CGI), additions of some scenes that had earlier been left out (see above), explicatory pluses, and minor transpositions in the surrounding contexts triggered by these additions.
This process allowed the staging to avoid the play's more complex accounts of credit, resorting instead to an explicatory schema from a different moment in economic history that proved to be of limited usefulness in trying to account for the specificities of the contemporary debt crisis.
The film has long and 'explicatory' confrontation scenes that sometimes go on and on-and weighs down its cohesive dramatic impact.
Note especially the abundance and the ordering of items into groups, the ironic juxtapositions, and the narratorial comments both explicatory and critical:
The explicatory capacity of the model can be improved in future analyzes.
Accordingly, a great deal of efforts were devoted to discuss and investigate the quiddity of the relations of the mentioned concepts and to present explicatory theories in addition to review the important theories presented in two fields of religious identity and globalization and the occurrence and advent of new communication technologies such as satellite regarding the main concepts of the research.
In the cases where there is relevant semantic ambivalence in an English lexical item, pertinent explicatory notes are provided (as in the double meaning of the verb to arouse, 284).