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The DIVE project, to which I personally contributed, brings together heterogeneous heritage datasets and make this knowledge graph explorable through an exploratory interface that matches humanities scholars' needs and research practice.
The Raytheon BBN Technologies team (including researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, and the University of Texas, Austin) is developing a system that answers unrestricted NL questions posed by users about multimedia data and provides interactive, explorable explanations of why it derived an answer.
None of these are explorable sadly but they're fun for kids to spot and interesting to wander around the exterior of.
Cloud-resolving model data coupled with a radar instrument simulator provide a three-dimensional view of a midlatitude winter cyclone that is explorable through the applet.
Hironobu Sakaguchi, the father of "Final Fantasy," is making a project for this platform titled "Fantasian." The game's technology is unique as real-life dioramas are photographed then used as the explorable areas in the game.
[4)] In India, the study of permanent sterilization (both vasectomy and ligation) in family planning is still an explorable field of study as there are many misbelieves such as reduction in physical and sexual ability, its post-operative complications, and religious concern.
Parks, beach and the waterfront are eminently explorable on foot or bike.
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