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Noun1.export duty - a duty imposed on exports
tariff, duty - a government tax on imports or exports; "they signed a treaty to lower duties on trade between their countries"
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El-Welely welcomed opening the door for exporting rice once more in exchange for imposing an export levy of about EGP 2,000 per tonne, according to the Minister of Industry's decision earlier this month.
The Indonesian government's recent decision to introduce an export levy on refined CPO to fund the country's B15 biodiesel programme may weaken profit margins that could lead to a reduction of about 9.
Russia is attempting to avoid a spike in bread prices by placing informal obstacles in the path of grain exporters and will apply an export levy of USD43 per tonne from February.
It has also increased its tanneries from five to seven, and introduced a 20% export levy to protect the nascent industry.
He added : "The 10 per cent export levy on concentrates for instance has effectively tied up 350 million tonnes of our concentrates, delaying tax payment of over US$80 million to the government.

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