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Express′ Mail′

Trademark. the fastest service available from the U.S. Postal Service.
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Noun1.Express Mail - mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient systemexpress mail - mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system
pony express - express mail carried by relays of riders on horseback; especially between Missouri and California around 1860
mail - the bags of letters and packages that are transported by the postal service
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Under the deal, Consignia will be responsible for delivering air parcels and four-day express mail service items to 23 countries.
Beginning Wednesday, however, officials recommend the more expensive Express Mail service for packages sent to the East Coast, spokesman David Mazer said.
In those unavoidable TV ads for its express mail service, the U.
The special courier wing of the GPO, the Express Mail Service (EMS), is fuming at the disappearance of the hoard of secret business documents, valuable packages and expensive computer parts.
OCTOBER 24, 1861: America's Pony Express mail service ends.
And you can not only send them e-mail messages, but lengthy, complex word processing documents, spread sheets, or whatever other files you want at a fraction of what it costs to send these documents through the mail, and a fraction of the time it takes to use an express mail service.
The first relay of the Pony Express mail service left St.
WorldPost Services--the umbrella name for USPS international mail options--include transmittal of fax documents to post offices overseas (if you're sending to someone who doesn't have a fax machine), express mail service, discounts for volume mailings (International Surface Air Lift, International Priority Airmail, and Value Post/Canada), and business reply cards.
For international destinations, PhilPost has partnered with Universal Postal Union and entered into 45 bilateral agreements with 45 countries for the reciprocal exchange of express mail service items, Luis Carleen of PhilPost marketing and management support said.
He said that the new services introduced by Pakistan Post included Electronic Money Order (EMO), Urgent Mail Service Counter Collection (UMS-CC), Urgent Mail Service (City-to-City), Urgent Mail Service (Local), Express Mail Service (EMS) International and Fax Money Order (FMO).
Manama: The general manager of Express Mail Service (EMS) in Saudi Arabia beat heavy traffic and time constraints to deliver personally the wedding gown of a bride in time for the marriage celebration.
Emirates Post's Express Mail Service (EMS) or Mumtaz Post, which offers swift delivery of documents and parcels to over 100 countries through the global postal network, has been enhanced with value additions, including free insurance, money-back guarantee and tracking facility.