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The fact that Donovan used the expressions hoc genus omne and index expurgatorious, both used previously by O'Reily, could be explained by both men having had access to Lyra Ecclesiastica, the monthly bulletin of the Irish Society of St Cecilia, where these phrases were first used in October 1878.
In an 1892 article entitled "The Question of Amusements," Canadian Baptist editor, James Edward Wells, articulated the view of those Baptists who favored liberty: We are often asked for an editorial opinion as to whether this, or that, or the other amusement, recreation, or practice is consistent with a Christian profession It is, of course, out of the question that a Baptist Editor, or any other Baptist or body of Baptists, should be able to draw up a Baptist Index Expurgatorious of books which may not be read, or a catalogue of amusements which may or may not be indulged in.