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n. & v. t.1.See Ecstasy, n. & v. t.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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2,535 grams of white powdery substance, which by its appearance is associated with the intoxicating drug 'Speed' were found; 591 tablets that in their appearance are associated with the drug 'Extasy'; 55 grams of herbaceous green matter associated with the drug 'Marijuana'; 3 digital scales; two plant matter shredders; money in the amount of 9,300 KM; one hunting rifle; 110 pieces of ammunition and 8 mobile phones with associated cards.
The moment of release from him was extasy" [11,90]).
/ In which they see such admirable things, As carries them into an extasy, And heare such heauenly notes, and carolings, Of Gods high praise, that filles the brasen sky, And feele such ioy and pleasure inwardly, That maketh them all worldly cares forget, And onely thinke on that before them set.
As parcelas foram constituidas pelos genotipos de minimelancia 'Beni Kodama' (Sakama[R]), 'Extasy' (Hazera[R]), 'Ki Kodama' (Sakama[R]) e 'Taiyo' (Sakama[R]) e as subparcelas pelas epocas de coletas de plantas (avaliacoes), que foram realizadas no momento do transplante (0) e aos 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63 e 70 dias apos o transplante (DAT).
In his view, this "shudder of awe and delight" is not a result of direct alignment with Reason, but "attends the individual's consciousness of that divine presence." Consequently, the "character and duration of enthusiasm varies with the state of the individual from an extasy [sic] and trance and prophetic inspiration,--...
The enthusiastic variation produced by the nimble hands is not identified with but only related to an ecstatic experience: "as if they meant to carry / Their Masters blest soule (snatcht out at his Eares / By a strong Extasy) through all the sphaeares / Of Musicks heaven; and seat it there on high / In th' Empyraeum of pure Harmony" (146-50; first emphasis mine).
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