otitis externa

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Noun1.otitis externa - inflammation of the external ear (including auricle and ear canal)
otitis - inflammation of the ear
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To create the external otitis model, firstly, the rats were intraperitoneally administered anesthesia of 0.1 mL (90 mg/kg) ketamine hydrochloride and 0.2 mL (10 mg/kg) xylazine.
Malignant external otitis: insights into pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and therapy.
Subjects who had suffered from infection of the external ear such as diffuse external otitis or otomycosis and subjects who had history of HIV-AIDS, diabetes mellitus, and autoimmune disease were excluded from this study.
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* Complicated upper respiratory tract infections, including malignant external otitis, necrotizing external otitis and rhinosinusitis (8-11);
The company said the DermOtic Oil, 0.01% Ear Drops are indicated for the treatment of chronic eczematous external otitis in adults and pediatric patients two years old and older.
Probably the logic behind the mentioned finding is the increase in a set of behaviors that increase the risk of developing external otitis such as being in places with high humidity and heat, swimming, having injuries in the ears, using hearing aid devices such as hearing aids or ear protective devices such as earmuffs [1].
Patients with external ear conditions like external otitis, otomycosis and eczema were not included; 2.
In the relevant literature, while there is very little information about the importance of diabetes mellitus for ear diseases, the focus is on the impact of diabetes mellitus on patients with external otitis, malignant external otitis, otitis media, sudden sensorineural hearing loss and slowly progressive hearing loss (10).
Video - Otoscopy use in the diagnosis of external otitis in dogs.
Because of the propensity of this condition to erode the posterior canal wall, a secondary external otitis and stenosis may develop.
Surgical treatment for chronic stenosing external otitis (including finding of unusual canal tumor).