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1. The money market in Eurocurrency or Eurobonds.
2. The Common Market.


1. (Banking & Finance) a market for financing international trade backed by the central banks and commercial banks of the European Union
2. (Commerce) the European Union treated as one large market for the sale of goods and services

Europe′an Econom′ic Commu`nity

an association for economic cooperation established in 1957 by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany; later joined by the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, and Portugal; superseded by the European Union in 1993. Also called Common Market. Abbr.: EEC


[ˈjʊərəʊˌmɑːkɪt] Euromart [ˈjʊərəʊˌmɑːt] Neuromercado m, Mercado m Común
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2 billion, JD750 million of which went external market and JD453 million to the domestic market, the Free Zones Corporation said.
Powered by SAP HANAA, the latest version of SAP Demand Signal Management enables users to capture external market research and retailer point-of-sales (POS) data close to real time and combine it with internal business data and state-of-the-art analytics to sense, assess and respond to demand signals faster than ever before.
Domestically produced cement is supplied to the external market by 40% cheaper, MP Ulukbek Kochkorov (Ata Jurt), said at the meeting of the parliamentary committee for economic and fiscal policy on May 27, reports Tazabek.
Focus on the external market factors, Many times the case for change is largely driven by external market factors such as increased competition and emerging technology.
Professors in the school of medicine, dentistry, engineering, or business--the professional schools--are handsomely compensated, because the external market, is always there for them," says Milano.
External market analysis of compensation among comparable companies;
a base salary increase program equal to the yearly increase in the external market or cost-of-living index;
While it is reasonable to assume that such space users will never be able to precisely forecast their future occupancy needs because of external market forces the selective use of options could protect them in an expanding or contracting market.
Ross Tisnovsky, Vice President of ITO Research at Everest Research Institute, and Senior Analyst Rod Bourgeois of Bernstein Research will combine and contrast their insights on the ITO market following their examination of perspectives of key outsourcing stakeholders and external market factors, such as changes in asset accounting and growth in remote infrastructure management tools.
Chief Executive Officer Nick Prettejohn wrote in the report that last year, "businesses had to decide whether to follow a business strategy that responded actively to external market conditions or become hostages to the fortunes of the insurance cycle.
They should also consider expansion if the external market has experienced a change that will drive greater demand for their product or service.
Banks are expanding rapidly to capitalize on internal and external market opportunities